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Death in Little Venice

Leo McNeir

A winter’s afternoon on a deserted stretch of canal in Regent’s park, and the discovery of a body under the ‘blow-up’ bridge, the etc...

White Lies

Lynn Michell

"A debut novel which possesses and is possessed by a rare authority of voice… the mother’s voice that sings White Lies into etc...

Devil in the Detail

Leo McNeir

It was going to be a long hot summer … And it all started so well for Marnie Walker at her beautiful canalside home, with a growi etc...

The Eden Paradox

Barry Kirwan

A murder... a new planet mankind desperately needs... a thousand-year old conspiracy... What really awaits us on Eden? In a world etc...


Peter Cowlam

Literary fiction (novella)

From That Flame

A Novelized Account of the Life, Death, and Legacy of Ahmed Shah Massoud

MaryAnn T. Beverly

FROM THAT FLAME follows journalist Michelle Garrett as she interviews the legendary Commander Ahmed Shah Massoud – the “Lion of P etc...

Ring of Stones

Portal to Another World

Alexander Lawes

When Anna’s dirt bike pulled up alongside late one summer’s evening, Harry grasped the opportunity to escape the city and his tro etc...

Calamity Natalie

David C. Garland

Natalie is a young woman who experiences life in the fast lane. She has no sense of values and will do anything to gain an advant etc...

Just Deserts

Book 3 in the Hackers thriller series

L. J. Greatrex

The extraordinary challenges facing our well-established character now known as ‘Bill Pascal’ are all too evident as William Fore etc...

Gwilherm's Story

Irene Louis

Gwilherm has witnessed the murder of his ex-mistress but cannot report it because of his murky past. He desperately needs money i etc...

Gabriele's Ghost

Irene Louis

Mid 19th Century Brittany: Gabriele and Brigitte, separated by their stations in life, are fated to come together when Gabriele’s etc...

Do Not Forget Me Quite

Richard Pike

“Now will you believe me when I say there’s a war on?” She seemed determined to make a point. He smiled, put his arm around her s etc...

Best Paris Stories

Anthology of the winners of the Paris Short Story Contest

Marie Houzelle

For some, Paris is home, for others, merely a dream. By turns humorous, bittersweet, historical or surreal, each of these careful etc...

Sorbonne Confidential

Laurel Zuckerman

After losing her high tech job in Paris, Alice Wunderland dreams of a new, unemployment-proof career as English teacher and decid etc...

Eden's Trial

Barry Kirwan

First contact did not go well. Survivors are fleeing Earth, into a hostile galaxy where alien intelligence and weaponry rule. Can etc...
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