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The Gift

Revelations from the Heart

Horner, Christine

It is in your darkest moments that you discover a candle burning brightly within, illuminating your way. If you sit quietly, you etc...

Sweet Rosa

Kingsley Osei, David Asimeng

Sweet Rosa is a picture book which details the brave stance of a young African-American woman named Rosa Parks who refused to giv etc...

Krishna Charitra

Alo Shome

Krishna Charitra is a famous Bengali classic where Bankim Chandra endeavours to discover Sri Krishna, the real person, behind cen etc...

K. V. Dominic Essential Readings and Study Guide

Poems about Social Justice, Women's Rights, and the Environment

K. V. Dominic

K. V. Dominic Essential Readings gathers for the first time the three most important works of poetry from this shining new light etc...

Saris and a Single Malt

Sweta Srivastava Vikram

Saris and a Single Malt is a moving collection of poems written by a daughter for and about her mother. The book spans the time f etc...

Drawn From Life

Selected Essays of Michel de Montaigne

Michel de Montaigne, Tim Parks

A new selection of Montaigne's essays that explore themes of fear, courage, mortality and personal freedom. In his vivid intr etc...


Writers on Truth, Lies and Fiction

Joanna Kavenna, Benjamin Markovits, Gabriel Josipivici, Partou Zia, Anakana Schofield

A collection of inspiring essays by Joanna Kavenna, Benjamin Markovits, Gabriel Josipivici, Partou Zia and Anakana Schofield, int etc...

The Mystery of Being Human

God, Freedom and the NHS

Raymond Tallis

In his latest collection of essays, author, physician and humanist philosopher Raymond Tallis meditates on the complexity of huma etc...

Beginning Postmodernism

Tim Woods

The first volume of Manchester University Press' 'Beginnings' series, which is based on Peter Barry's critically etc...

Meyer Berger's New York

Meyer Berger, Introduction by Pete Hamill

Meyer ("Mike") Berger was one of the greatest journalists of this century. A reporter and columnist for The New York Ti etc...

Theatricality as Medium

Samuel Weber

Ever since Aristotle's Poetics, both the theory and the practice of theater have been governed by the assumption that it is a etc...

Situated Utterances

Texts, Bodies, and Cultural Representations

Harry Berger, Jr., Introduction by Judith H. Anderson

Berger describes himself as "a reconstructed old New Critic," and his publications over the past fifty years have cente etc...

The Task of the Critic

Poetics, Philosophy, Religion

Henry Sussman

Today's critic must be something of a philosopher as well as a poet. Yet her work remains above all that of the close reader, etc...

Fighting Fascism in Europe

The World War II Letters of an American Veteran of the Spanish Civil War

Lawrence Cane

On his first day in basic training in 1942, Lawrence Cane wrote to his wife Grace from Fort Dix, New Jersey. "I'm in the etc...
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