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Language Learning with Comics: A Lot of Life


PONS Verlag

For beginners with previous knowledge and returning learners A new way to learn English: the first comic that is also a language etc...

The Curious Ones

Eliza Granville

CentreHouse Press

For more than fifteen years, Isabelle has been tormented by guilt over the disappearance of her youngest daughter. If only she’d etc...

Farewell to Modernism

Rajani Kanth

Peter Lang - International Academic Publishers

Farewell to Modernism: On Human Devolution in the Twenty-First Century is an original, pathbreaking, revolutionary, and totalizin etc...

News for a Mobile-First Consumer

Paula M. Poindexter

Peter Lang - International Academic Publishers

The rapid adoption of mobile devices has created a new type of consumer, one who chooses smartphones and tablets over laptops and etc...

Found and Lost

Alison Leslie Gold

Notting Hill Editions Ltd

Starting with supervision of her primary school's 'Lost andultimately led to her salvation Found' depot, Gold charts etc...

Naked Woman

Garry O'Connor

CentreHouse Press

Under the one title Naked Woman are brought together two plays by the critically acclaimed Garry O’Connor. The first, Semmelweis, etc...

Wrestling With the Angel

Jon Elsby

CentreHouse Press

Who am I? Am I an autonomous being, able to define myself by my own free choices, or a created being with a given human nature, l etc...

Syndicats et dialogue social

Dominique Andolfatto, Sylvie Contrepois

Peter Lang - International Academic Publishers

Une même question a été posée à une équipe de chercheurs spécialisés dans les relations d etc...

Redesigning Life

Nathan Van Camp

Peter Lang - International Academic Publishers

The emerging development of genetic enhancement technologies has recently become the focus of a public and philosophical debate b etc...

Organizing after Crisis

Nathalie Schiffino, Laurent Taskin, Céline Donis, Julien Raone

Peter Lang - International Academic Publishers

How do actors organize after crisis? Do they «simply» return to normal? The post-crisis phase is anything but a linear etc...

Medicine Matters in Five Comedies of Shakespeare

Andrea A. Conti, Luisa Camaiora

Peter Lang - International Academic Publishers

The book examines the presence of medicine matters in Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors, Love’s Labour’s Lost, The Two Gentlemen etc...

Reframing the History of Family and Kinship: From the Alps towards Europe

Dionigi Albera, Luigi Lorenzetti, Jon Mathieu

Peter Lang - International Academic Publishers

Over the past few years, the cross-disciplinary field of research devoted to family and kinship history in Europe has seen the em etc...

The Global World and its Manifold Faces

Susan Petrilli

Peter Lang - International Academic Publishers

The Global World is a pivotal formula in present-day «Newspeak». The book’s leitmotif – if it is true that the faces of etc...

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

Andreas Andreopoulos, Graham Speake

Peter Lang - International Academic Publishers

Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia, formerly Timothy Ware, is unquestionably the best-known Orthodox theologian in the Western wo etc...

History and Fiction

Gillian Polack

Peter Lang - International Academic Publishers

Shortlisted for the William Atheling Jr Award for Criticism or Review Fiction plays a vital role in describing history and transm etc...
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