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Sod the bitches!

Steven Berkoff

Urbane Publications Limited

Sod the Bitches! is the challenging, controversial and thrilling new fiction masterpiece from one of the world’s greatest actors etc...

Rezeptur der Bühnenkomik: Theorie und Praxis des Komischen auf der Bühne

Gehrcke, Werner

Diplomica Verlag GmbH

Whether classical comedy, light theatre, improvisation or comedy, the comic in the theater has many faces! The present work is an etc...

The Music Went Round and Round

John Vacha (author)

Kent State University Press

Spotting a trend in the early 1950s of staging summer theater in the round under tents, Clevelander John L. Price Jr. decided to etc...

Ballad of Baby Doe

Duane A Smith , John Moriarty

University Press of Colorado

First produced at the Central City Opera House in 1956, 'The Ballad of Baby Doe' is now widely considered a classic and i etc...

Cysgod Y Cryman

Sion Eirian

Gomer Press

A stage adaptation of the iconic Welsh novel, Cysgod y Cryman, depicting rural life in Powys, and in particular the friction betw etc...

Showtime in Cleveland

John Vacha (author)

Kent State University Press

This work takes the reader from the city's first professional theatrical presentation in 1820, through the heyday of vaudevil etc...

The New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism

Ormond. McGill

This phenomenal work by the ‘Dean of American Hypnotists’ is the most comprehensive text ever to be published on stage hypnotism. etc...

A Reflective Practitioner’s Guide to (mis)Adventures in Drama Education – or – What Was I Thinking?

Duffy, Peter


This collection of essays from many of the world’s leading drama education practitioners captures the challenges and struggles of etc...

Dance, Somatics and Spiritualities

Williamson, Amanda


Presenting a rich mosaic of embodied contemporary narratives in spirituality and movement studies, this book explicitly studies t etc...

Practising the Real on the Contemporary Stage

A. Sánchez, José


An analysis of reality and ‘the real’ as presented in contemporary artistic creation, Practising the Real on the Contemporary Sta etc...

Ivar Kreuger and Jeanne de la Motte

Tepa Lupack, Barbara


Jerzy W. Tepa was a popular Polish playwright whose pioneering plays were critically acclaimed and widely performed on several co etc...


MacDonald, Claire


In a room in the middle of nowhere, a man and a woman dream up spectacular worlds: a decaying city, a lush and crumbling garden, etc...

The Philadelphia Connection

J. Burton, B.


Philadelphia is one of America’s most interesting and innovative cities for theatre. This book paints a picture of the city’s bur etc...

A Journey of Art and Conflict

Oddie, David


A Journey of Art and Conflict: Weaving Indra’s Net is a deeply personal exploration of David Oddie’s attempts to uncover the pote etc...

Performance art in Eastern Europe since 1960

Amy Bryzgel. Series edited by Marsha Meskimmon

Manchester University Press

This volume presents the first comprehensive academic study of the history and development of performance art in the former commu etc...
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