Wrestling's 101 Strangest Matches
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Wrestling's 101 Strangest Matches

Oliver Hurley


There’s nothing else in the world of sport or pantomime to compare with the manic mat mayhem of pro wrestling, which amalgamates high-flying stunts with melodrama, spandex, bodybuilding and blood – and sometimes it gets really weird. Wrestling’s 101 Strangest Matches scours 100 years of history to reveal bouts that bordered on the unbelievable. Take the grappler who lost his foot in the middle of a match, the bout that took place in an exploding swimming pool, or the baroque carnage of ultraviolent deathmatches – and then sprinkle liberally with double-crosses, drunkenness, riots, time travel, broken rings and broken bones. Boasting an impressive breadth of coverage which takes in old-school British wrestling and present-day WWE, the bill features Hulk Hogan, Kendo Nagasaki, Muhammad Ali, a wrestling robot and a monkey. Many of the stars and bizarre attractions submit to revealing interviews in a celebration of the grap game at its very strangest.

Author Biography

Oliver Hurley is an experienced wrestling journalist who writes regularly for Power Slam, having previously contributed to a wide variety of publications including The Big Issue, The Face, GamesMaster and The Guardian. You can follow him on Twitter at @wrestling101 and find out more about his non-wrestling journalism at oliverhurley.com.


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