Un petit pas pour l'homme
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Un petit pas pour l'homme

Stéphane Dompierre

By leaving his partner, Daniel thought he would free himself of worry and enter an angst-free world populated by beautiful girls who would fight over him—the dream life he imagined that single people enjoy. But his downfall comes quickly. He will not be spared the torments of insomnia, self-doubt or a contemporary dance performance.
Author Biography
Columnist, scenarist and author Stéphane Dompierre has won over the critics and reading public alike with his twisted stories. Juggling literary genres, he sweeps readers along on a journey from dispassionate tale (Un petit pas pour l’homme, Mal élevé), through irreverent rite of initiation (Stigmates et BBQ) to illustrated autobiography (Jeunauteur 1 and 2, with illustrator Pascal Girard). The eclectic road map also includes a detour around bloodthirsty acts of piracy (Morlante, Éditions Coups de tête) and an inspirational thriller for sceptics (Corax, Éditions VLB). In spring 2013, he released the compendium of Fâché noir chronicles, in which he serves up an in-depth analysis of everything that is not a major issue in today’s world. In 2014, he oversaw the compendium NU, a collection of erotic tales by some of Quebec’s most prominent authors.

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December 2004