Takla Makan
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Takla Makan

Petra Nouns


Ella is 14 years old and attends the „Marie Curie comprehensive school” in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The class´ majority have a so called migration background and from time to time the atmosphere in the class is quite rough, especially Orkan causes much trouble. Orkan behaves poncey and all students except Ella love him for it.

But one day everything changes. Ella begins to see a blue light and shrouded in that light, she is carried off into another time. In these moments she meets Orkan, but a different Orkan, who is grown-up and helpful and Ella falls in love with him.

Thereby Ella does not know that Leila, Grand Master of White Magic and Orkan´s aunt, is behind everything: An oracle has nominated Orkan as her successor and for this he needs a wife. Otherwise Arda, Black Magician and Lord of the Three-Legges Monosyllabic Cat, will destroy every White Magic…


Author Biography

Petra Nouns was born in Bonn and since her childhood she spends a lot of time in other countries. While she lives in Marokko, she has met her husbund. She works for different foreign offices. In her books she digests the different cultures.


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September 2015
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