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Student BMJ is a world renowned resource that supports medical students through every stage, from applying to medical school all the way to making the transition to practising as a junior doctor. Student BMJ prides itself on providing practical resources written by medics one step ahead as well as selected experts. Whether you are looking to get into medical school, adjust to life at university, begin placements on the wards, make an important career decision, or step up to being a junior doctor – we've got the answers. Our journalistic heritage - being twinned with The British Medical Journal - means that we are not afraid to ask difficult questions on behalf of our readers. We aim to give you an overview on the important medical and political topics of the day and explain how they might impact on your future career. Our content is peer reviewed by experts, junior doctors and medical students who ensure that it is accurate, and offers insights that textbooks don't offer or you can only pick up after years on the wards.

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January 2016
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BMJ Publishing Group Ltd
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United Kingdom
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