Road to Nowhere, The
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"One of the best boxing books published for many years." --Burton Mail

"A boxing odyssey, an often warm, sometimes terrifying, always compelling voyage which takes the author from Rocky Castellani in Atlantic City to Marvin Johnson in Indianapolis, as well as dozens of memorable places - and names - in between. Armed with what he calls a 'stalker-like resolve', Dixon successfully tracks down and meets a long list of forgotten boxers, including former world champions. Dixon's obvious love for, and fixation with, the noble art is evident throughout this outstanding work." 

"The Road to Nowhere details a man living the dream, mixing with boxing legends inside and outside of the ring, but it's the anecdotes Tris shares that make this book like the Atlantis of the boxing library. For me, I want to pick up a book to learn something new. I'm not concerned if the book is incredibly well written (which it is!), it's more about walking away with a greater degree of knowledge and a smile on my face. This one did just that. Dixon's travels are a parallel comparison of Harley rider doing Route 66, but in a boxing glove. The span of the US he covers, the places and people from the boxing fraternity he meets are too long to list, and the detail he gives makes you feel like you've been his shadow throughout the experience. If you are a true boxing fan, you will want to find out exactly what I'm talking about." 

"Book of the Week: Tris unleashes a direct hit. A fascinating, authoritative book, tracking down fighters who have not necessarily hit the heights, but made a significant contribution champions, 'coulda-been-contenders' and the like. Dixon's dedication and knowledge of the sport shines through in this fast-moving odyssey." --Blackpool Gazette

Road to Nowhere, The

A Journey Through Boxing's Wastelands

Tris Dixon


In the era of boxing's pay-per-view superstars, Tris Dixon invested in a Greyhound bus pass and spent several months traversing America on a shoestring budget, tracking down fighters from yesteryear who had vanished from the limelight. Venturing from New York to Las Vegas and from Toronto to Miami, the young writer - himself a former amateur boxer - sought out coulda-beencontenders and cult heroes from the 1950s to the 2000s, all now faded from popular memory. He visited old people's homes, gyms and too many prisons, discovering that life after boxing can be a cruel place when the ropes are no longer in place to keep fighters safe from the outside world. Dixon meets men who shaped boxing history, fighting the likes of Sugar Ray Robinson, Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. He shares their memories and weaves together their forgotten tales over the course of a remarkable American journey.

Author Biography

Tris Dixon is the editor of Boxing News. A former amateur boxer himself, Tris has been ringside for some of the biggest fights of this generation, covering the sport on four continents since 1996. He collaborated on Ricky Hatton's autobiography, War and Peace, and appears regularly as a pundit on talkSPORT, Sky Sports and CNN.


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