Molecular Imaging Techniques: New Frontiers
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Molecular Imaging Techniques: New Frontiers

Florence Gazeau

The principal objective of molecular imaging in the context of more individualized approaches in medicine is to develop efficient ways to diagnose disease and monitor therapy in patients. In twelve chapters, this multi-author book reviews key advances achieved in the techniques of such molecular imaging. The chapters are mainly organized according to the different methods available, such as nuclear methods, MRI, optical imaging, ultrasound and electron paramagnetic resonance, and for each imaging modality, different biological targets are tackled. The book illustrates how molecular imaging has enormous relevance for preclinical and clinical practice, and how, by revealing both the clinical biology of the disease process and the mechanisms of the treatment, it has the potential to personalize patient care.

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Future Science Ltd / Molecular Imaging Techniques: New Frontiers
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October 2013
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