À deux pas de chez elle
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À deux pas de chez elle

La Première Enquête de Chloé Perreault

François Gravel


Young detective-sergeant Chloé Perreault must unravel a mystery that has remained unsolved until now: the bones of Marie-Thérèse Laganière, who disappeared from Rivière-du-Loup 33 years earlier, are finally uncovered near her hometown of Milton. But there’s more to the puzzle! The skeleton of a man is also discovered at the bottom of the well where Marie-Thérèse’s remains were found. . . Chloé must reopen the search begun in the 1970s and lead an investigation into a double murder committed before she was born. During questioning, she meets characters as varied as they are intriguing. Who among Marie-Thérèse’s close circle of family and friends could have wanted to harm such a well-loved and talented woman?

Author Biography

François Gravel has penned more than 80 books. With his inimitable humour, this multi-award-winning author has the rare talent of communicating with contagious joy to all readers, young and old. His writing can also reveal a tender or serious side, depending on the matter at hand.


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August 2011
Les Enquêtes de Chloé Perreault
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