Finding the Sky
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Finding the Sky

A.M. Burns, Bree Archer

Dillon Smith is so ready for the school year to be over, because he’ll get some relief from the gang that’s been pressuring him to join them. Unfortunately, when he stops for a soda, he’s implicated in the gang robbing a convenience store. Given his late father’s association with the gang, even his mother doesn’t believe him when he says he wants no part of it, and she sends him to live with his Uncle Bryan for the summer.On the way to his uncle’s house in the country, he and Bryan rescue a hawk that was hit by a semitruck. They take it to some wildlife rehabbers living down the street, and they help open Dillon to experiences he never imagined.When Dillon meets Scott, the son of the rehabbers, he falls in love, but the gang has a rough summer planned for him. ;

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Young adult
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Dreamspinner Press / Harmony Ink Press
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January 2016
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