An Annoyance of Neighbours
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An Annoyance of Neighbours

Life is never dull when you have neighbours!

Dr Angela Lightburn

Life is never dull when you have neighbours!

Neighbours – we all have them. Whether they’re amazing or the bane of your life, everyone has a story about them. 

Have you ever had a disagreement with a neighbour?
Have your neighbours ever woken you up shouting? Slamming doors? Revving a car?
Do you avoid your neighbours because they’re irritating, boring or nosy?
  Do you sometimes wish you had normal neighbours?
Or do your neighbours go out of their way to help you? 

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, then this book is for you!

Written with humour, insight and perception, this book explores our relationships with our neighbours, how they work, why they break down and the strategies we all employ to survive. An Annoyance of Neighbours will help you to identify and classify your neighbours, discover how to remedy a relationship and take the quiz to find out what kind of neighbour you are. This book will appeal to anyone who is curious about their neighbours, as well as those who wish to ease unresolved tension with theirs.

Author Biography

Dr Angela Lightburn has a degree in Psychology and a PhD in Applied Psychology. She lives on a footpath in rural Sussex with more sheep than people for neighbours. In her spare time she plays a mean game of Mah Jong, and enjoys participating in the local pub quiz, painting the landscape and practising mindfulness.


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