501 More Writers Useful Phrases
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501 More Writers Useful Phrases

Quentin Cope


501 More Writers Useful Phrases

This second edition of the ‘Writers Useful Phrases’ is not the complete answer to a ‘writer’s prayer’, but it is a great second line reference book of phrases you can use every day in your writing journey. So, what does 501 “More” Writers Useful Phrases contain?

It’s simple really. If you have the first edition, this book is divided in to the same ten sections as the original version with each one containing 50 short phrases, quotes, expressions or complete sentences to fit a particular subject heading. The last section contains 51 entries, again making a total of 501 for this edition.

Hopefully, you the reader … and more importantly, you the writer, will gain something more from this second writers new phrasebook in the series. It will make a great reference book and a significant addition to ‘501 Writers Useful Phrases’ … not only at the initial manuscript stage in the production of your next epic novel, but at the tough edit stage where just one small adjustment can make all the difference.


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