Quinoa Crazy
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Quinoa Crazy starts out simply. With both historical background and dietary information on this amazing grain, it gives readers the basics on why they should use quinoa.
This book is full of fun facts and cooking tips scattered throughout the recipes that will make the cooking experience all the more enjoyable and visually arresting.
With recipes of all types, from breakfasts to main dishes to desserts, quinoa will be easy to include in any diet. 
Many Americans are looking for alternatives to wheat due to books like Grain Brain. Quinoa is the substitute they are looking for. 
Most of the recipes in the book are also vegetarian, a diet which appeals to about 7 million Americans. 
Authors are the successful bloggers behind the Grain Crazy blog and are also the authors of Grain Crazy.
Over 70 full-color photographs throughout.

Quinoa Crazy

The Gluten-Free Superfood Cookbook

Rule, Britney - Schetselaar, Cherie

Quinoa is the superfood you know you should be eating. You’ve heard about it, and how it’s a complete protein, contains all 9 essential amino acids, lowers cholesterol, and is nutrient rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It’s definitely a superfood.

But how do you actually cook with it? Cherie Schetselaar and Britney Rule show you the tips and tricks to quinoa cooking until you are including it in any dish. From snacks to main dishes, Quinoa Crazy will turn this foreign kernel of nutrients into your most popular kitchen ingredient ever. Go crazy with quinoa!
Author Biography
Britney Rule is a mother with four very picky children. She is the coauthor of Grain Crazy and Quinoa Crazy and the author of the popular blog, Grain Crazy. She resides in Utah. - Cherie Schetselaar has a passion for superfood. Anything nutrient-rich superfoods like quinoa and chia seeds can be used for, you better bet Cherie has tried it. From breakfast cereals to dinner dishes to desserts, she is the expert at incorporating the good-for-you ingredients. She “healthifies” her cooking with healthy fats, cuts down on sugar, and doesn’t use processed foods. Cherie is a fabulous cook and the mother of seven children. All of them, and her husband, have been used as guinea pigs for trying out the best recipes. -

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