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Discover Digital Libraries

Chapter 1 - Introduction to digital libraries

Iris Xie

Discover Digital Libraries: Theory and Practice is an ideal reference during a time when the emergence of digital libraries has provided users with an unprecedented opportunity for wider and easier access to a variety of information resources for both personal and scholarly use. This text presents a comprehensive overview of the different approaches and tools for each component of digital library development, including discussions of the social and legal issues associated with digital libraries and the application of social media. In addition, the book provides further information on new formats, standards, technologies, best practices, and the evolving concepts of digital library design, evaluation, preservation, and digital curation in books. Users will find current research and the best practices of digital libraries, providing both US and international perspectives on the development of digital libraries and their components, including collection, digitalization, organization, design, sustainability, preservation, retrieval, and evaluation of digital libraries.

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February 2016